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What do IFONNX want?

We attach great importance to every customer who comes to the ifonnx.com. We believe that you who are browsing this page at the moment may have a special experience about sex, love or pleasure.
Now, IFONNX sincerely invites you to share these stories, experiences with us or introduce ifonnx to your readers. IFONNX will be with you if you are willing to share.

What do IFONNX need?

1. Articles should be at least 1000 words. 
2. All third party links in the articles should be no-follow.
3. Familiar with the sex toy industry or worked for sex toy companies as a content writer.
4. The content must be 100% original and not published elsewhere. 
5. Author should take responsibility for the copyright issue. 

How to apply?

If you need to submit your article, Please send us:
1. your introduction in no more than 4-5 sentences.
2. Three or more URLs showcasing your work related to sex toy related niche.
3. Use "Writing for IFONNX" as a subject of your email.

Once article selected

What would you get?

$25 - $50 on each article,
Or one IFONNX vibrator on the store.