Member Invitation to IFONNX New product design

IFONNX is born to design most satisfactory sex toys to couples. Therefore, at the start, we have decided to have our members to participate in our product design work. We wish you to enjoy this participation as one of the delightful moments with IFONNX sex toys.

Every product design of IFONNX is widely listened to the opinions of brand members, and members vote for their favorites. Of course, for privacy protection, all these processes will be kept in non-disclosure mails. Meanwhile, as a participant in our co-design project, you are asked to keep the design process confidential. In addition, if you are our premium member, you will have the opportunity to get this new toy for free!

We could have all the design work done by our professional design team just like other brands, but this is very less interesting. You don’t have to worry about losing surprise after participating the design work, because we will make it beyond your expectations. Please have a try on making something new and incredibly interesting with one group of like-minded fellows, which brings you supreme satisfaction.


IFONNX new product design and development project 

IFONNX will regularly develop new products together with members.

  • We look for new product ideas among customers feedbacks, market insights, and regularly surveys. All IFONNX members, including Premium members and Entry members, will receive our new product survey emails.
  • We carefully review the suggestions of every member and market research, and then publish our possible plans in the member discussion group;
  • According to the preliminary results of the group discussion, the professional design team of IFONNX will brainstorm those ideas into visual design sketches, and endow them with artistic, elegant, and imaginative IFONNX sense.
  • We will list final six schemes of design for final vote, sorted by different ideas and different styles. At least three of the six will be voted for final design. (Note that all these surveys and votes are carried out confidentially.)
  • The final three schemes will be modified by our art design team, and our marketing team and some invited Premium members will jointly determine the final development plan.
  • When we ready the new product, we will present our new products to Premium members for free.
  • New product launched to market. 

—   01  —

1.1 Entry member

Entry member do not need to pay any membership fee. Once you register in our membership database, we will push marketing or sales-promotion e-mails to you. In return, you are allowed to participate in the product co-design project with other IFONNX members. Please note that all mentioned above are 100% free to entry members.

1.2 Entry member benefits

  • Participate in new product co-design projects
  • The right to vote on the design scheme
  • Automatically receive updated news of IFONNX marketing campaigns
  • Sex toy tips and “What’s new” weekly newsletter (if you are interested)

1.3 How to register as a IFONNX Entry Member?

When shopping at IFONNX, you can purchase an "Entry Membership Card" (please note that it is free to join or quit) to become our entry member. This will be the starting point for us to start product co-design. The extra good news is that your entry membership is for life, you don't have to confirm or renew your membership status on schedule, unless you request to delete your personal account.

—  02  —

2.1 Premium member

IFONNX originally did not intend to charge membership fees to members, but in order to make the new designs work more effective and avoid mischief, we charge membership fee to Premium Members. Premium members participating in the new product co-design project will make the development of IFONNX sex toys interesting, entertaining and comprehensive. As your membership level up, you will get awesome exclusive benefits. At the same time, we will regularly update our premium membership benefits to keep it fresh and interesting.

2.2 Premium member benefits

  • Participate in new product co-design projects
  • The right to vote on the design scheme
  • Automatically receive updated news of IFONNX marketing campaigns
  • Sex toy tips and “What’s new” weekly newsletter (if you are interested)
  • Get our new products for free
  • Regularly get our selected sex toys for free (product price no less than 29 US dollars)
  • Premium member surprise gifts

2.3 How to register as a IFONNX Premium Member?

When shopping at IFONNX, you can purchase a “Membership card-Premium” to become our Premium member. This will be the beginning of your access to all membership benefits of IFONNX. Of course, if you find the Premium membership benefits are not interesting enough, you can withdraw within one month after joining. It should be noted that Premium membership is charged annually. Before the membership expires, we will send remind you to extend the membership for the next year.


Do you want to give a try? Any hesitate to become our member? Good suggestions to IFONNX?

Write us an email and share your lovely ideas!

Sex is fun and most lovely with IFONNX.